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Location: LIMASSOL
Project Status: COMPETITIONS

Architectural Competition for the Laniteia Schools Masterplan in Limassol - 1ST PRIZE.


The overall architectural approach of the proposal revolves around the further enhancement of historic buildings and the integration of the area in the urban fabric. The main axis of design of the master plan is to address the Lanition as a public urban park with an educational character integrated into the network traffic of the city, in which schools are clearly designated and the historic buildings are highlighted (building Lanition A and main part of Lanition B).

The organization of the area as an urban park requires a. the organic connection of the traffic network with the existing urban networks, b. increase public accessibility and transgresses the limits of the area with the city and c. clear and secures demarcation of the premises of the educational establishments.
The integration into the urban fabric is thus obtained by the systematic management of the internal network traffic and how they form an extension of the existing networks in the wider urban scale.
a. Vehicles: For the safety of the schools and the ease of public circulation, the existing road that crosses the plot is removed leading to an integrated functional whole. The circulation of vehicles is limited to lane-by streets in the three main sides of the plot.
b. Pedestrians - Bicycles: Strengthening the internal network of pedestrian and bicycle paths is very important to facilitate circulation between schools and to integrate neighboring regions through the Lanition area. The enhancement of pedestrian and bicycle trafic as well as the integration of neighborhoods is achieved by including a main East - West axis connecting the ends of the plot and the design of a main square in the North - South axis that integrates the individual functions. The intersection of these two axes of movement is the focal point of the proposal. Through the central square and the central axis of movement both public circulation and access to all schools and other functions within the block is achieved. The central square is the main area of expansion of all functions and includes points to rest as well as the existing theater and the chapel and the Center for Interactive Learning. It forms also the beginning and ending of the Environmental Park route.
c. Urban Park: Public accessibility is enhanced by the creation of an urban square in the southwest part of the block at the intersection of Makarios ave. and Ayias Fylaxeos ave. A future plan to link the plot with the adjacent linear park via a footbridge over Ayias Fylaxeos is proposed. Also, on the southeast side easy access from Makarios ave. is ensured through the design of a plateau which forms the origin of the internal pedestrian and bicycle paths. This achieves further integration of the area with the city on a wider scale and supports the idea of addressing the Lanition area as an urban environmental park with an educational character.